sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

Jim Morrison Handwritten "Nietzsche" Prose

Jim Morrison Handwritten "Nietzsche" Prose

Jim Morrison's fascination with Friedrich Nietzsche is captured on film during an impromptu pre-concert, backstage performance at upstate New York's Saratoga Performing Arts Center on September 11th, 1968. WIth the 'Feast Of Friends' film crew on hand, Morrison takes a seat at the grand piano and devises the clever and astute "Ode to Friedrich Nietzche." During the spontaneous performance, Morrison specifically refers to the horse whipping incident referenced in this page of handwritten prose. This remarkable film, featured in both 'The Soft Parade' video and 'Feast Of Friends," can be accessed online at the YouTube website.

1960's. Jim Morrison's admiration of 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is showcased here with historical accuracy in this unpublished prose. The details of Nietzsche's nervous breakdown in January 1889 are well-documented. He did, indeed, throw "his arms around the animals neck and burst into tears". The reference to contracting syphillis as a young man and carrying "the germs of chaos all his years" also is factual. The reference to Richard Wagner is interesting as well since Nietzche became a close friend of the German composer while he was teaching in Switzerland. Some of Nietzsche's last years were spent in an asylum. Perhaps Morrison's interpretation of that period in the philosopher's life are summed up: "When at last despaired of embodying in words his entire world of thought, he let those forces sweep through him and explode chambers in his brain".